Modern Scribes: “How these Productivity Assistants are Improving Healthcare”

Children’s Specialized Hospital reports the benefits of utilizing medical scribes in healthcare settings.  Productivity with EHRs, clinician time, patient care,

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“The introduction of electronic health records has been helpful in many ways, but it has one big drawback. Now, 40-60 percent of a doctor or nurse’s time is spent documenting and creating the electronic medical record, or at least it was — before scribes.

A scribe is an undergrad pre-med, pre-physician assistant or pre-nursing student who is very motivated to enter the healthcare field. These students act as productivity assistants for doctors. They follow a doctor in to see a patient, document every interaction between the doctor, patient, and family, and enter the notes into a paper or electronic medical record system. At the end of an appointment, the doctor simply has to review the note.

These assistants are trained and certified, so we can be confident that our scribes are well qualified for the role.”


Christopher Haines, D. F. (2014). Retrieved from Children’s Specialized Hospital:


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