Physicians / Administrators: ACMSS Enables Volume Purchase Discounts and Simple Invoice Agreements to Meet CMS CEHRT Personnel Requirements

CMS Required Annual CMSS™ Relicensing Fee

$400 / year



CMS CMSS™ Licensing and CMSS™ Re-licensing is required of all personnel of both the 2015 CMS Final Rule and ongoing CMS federal CEHRT regulatory requirements.

• Standard MSRP Licensing required CMS CMSS™ re-licensing fee/year
• 3 CMS Continuing Medical Education (CME) hours through CMS Medicare Learning Network (MLN) Catalog; Webinars

CMS requires the following of  CMSS™ licensed personnel in meeting CMS CEHRT 2015 Final Rule and CMS CEHRT audit compliance:

• A copy of your CMSS™ CMS/MLN license
• Documentation of the contact hours spent in the training
• CMS Meaningful Use CMSS™ Personnel Audit Compliance Document(s)

In meeting CMS 2015 federal CEHRT Final Rule compliance with CMS with CMSS™ licensing, CMS will require copies of CMSS™ licenses if you are selected for verification of CMSS™ License Validation and met CMS CMEs listed on your CMSS™ license renewal form. Any CMSS™ that completes CMS/MLN training will be accepted.  You do not need a CME certificate.

Each CMSS™ licensee will:
• create a complimentary account with Medicare Learning Network
• choose courses from CMS Medicare Learning Network Catalog
• Select at minimum one (1) course from Prevention category
• Complete three (3) total hours from CMS MLN during the 12-month issued CMSS™ licensed account. Email proof of CMS CME to

Enclosed is a link to Medicare Learning Network Catalog and ACMSS™ CMSS™ Re-Licensing page requirements:

CMS MLN Setup Account Instructions

Create Complimentary CMS Medicare Learning Network Account

Choose from CMS Medicare Learning Network Catalog

The CMSS™ Annual License fee is REQUIRED for meeting CMS ANNUAL CMS 2015 CEHRT Final Rule LICENSING requirements.


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