Physicians / Administrators: ACMSS Enables Volume Purchase Discounts and Simple Invoice Agreements to Meet CMS CEHRT Personnel Requirements

Annual CMS CMSS™ Relicensing Fee

$500 / year


This Individual Relicensing fee is available only to those who are already undergoing, or presently a licensed Certified Medical Scribe Specialist to perform job functions to participate in CMS programs.

*CMSS™ Licensing Annual Compliance Fee:  Licensed Certified Medical Scribe Specialists MUST maintain 3 hours of Continuing Scribe Education and maintain compliance and fee with annual relicensing fee to remain active and in good standing with ACMSS. Relicensing is automatic renewal and must be cancelled prior to annaul relicensing date. At time of payment, individual has been issued a 12-month licensure credential, and relicensing, that is non-refundable. Any lapse will occur the following year.

Please note that as this product is an annual subscription that will renew automatically (you will have the option to cancel prior to renewal and relicensing fee), it must be purchased on it’s own. All other items in your cart will be removed.
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