Physicians / Administrators: ACMSS Enables Volume Purchase Discounts and Simple Invoice Agreements to Meet CMS CEHRT Personnel Requirements

“CMSS” Direct Clinical Pathway

$999 / year


Become a highly valuable and recognized:
Board Approved ‘CMSS-Certifier’ Practice Ready Program

Apply: Board Approved ‘CMSS-Certifier’ Practice Ready Program
Remit Fee: $999/annually
Submit: ‘CMSS-Certifier Ready’ Practice Plan
Pending: Board Approval Award

Certified Clinical Corporate Partners get all the benefits, including:

• Bypass 200 requisite hours. All staff certified as Certified Medical Scribe Specialists
• Maintain competitive advantage in the marketplace, bypass 200 unassisted documentation clinical hours
• Meet and ensure Federal regulatory CEHRT compliance, meeting Personnel Measure, for Clinicians (CMS)
• Market clinical corporation as a “fully certified” organization
• Corporation utilizes full scope of CMSS credential, innovating Practice Model for care coordination and patient-centric care
• Provide standardized educational material, ongoing, real-time
• Stay abreast of industry trends and drivers
• Coordinated ACMSS/”Clinical Corporate Partner” Custom Press Release
• May remit “Corporate Partner”  Press Releases, ongoing, for distribution
• e-Commerce logo for “Corporate Partner” marketing materials/website/banner ad display. (ACMSS: “CMSS-Direct Corporate Partner”) logo
• 15-day, 30% off Volume purchase Package Coupon for your practice.  Only valid on Bronze(x5) up to Platinum+

Steps toward becoming a Certified Corporate Partner:

Get Certified Today —

Board Approved ‘CMSS-Certifier’ Practice Ready Program

Attestation Pathway is a non-refundable application process meeting eligibility requirements.

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