Physicians / Administrators: ACMSS Enables Volume Purchase Discounts and Simple Invoice Agreements to Meet CMS CEHRT Personnel Requirements

Career Center Job Board Posting

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Reach Active CMSS Candidates through the ACMSS Partnership Network:  ACMSS drives the best CMSS candidates to your medical practice or specific niche across health care. Qualified Certified Medical Scribe Specialists (CMSS) bring physicians the best talent for their recruitment needs.

Hire Faster with Less Cost: ACMSS customers who post for Certified Medical Scribe Specialists open Job Postings reduce their wait time and time-to-fill time by a significant amount, immediately hiring, recruiting, and retaining top CMSS talent!

Get More Applications: The ACMSS Career Center Job Board Posting will provide physicians with the greatest volume of qualified CMSS applicants to fill your specific niche industry in health care to meet ongoing practice needs and demands.

Easy CMSS Career Center Job Board Posting with Unlimited Edits: Post the open CMSS position quickly in local or national demographics for both national and local listings and national presence. Update the Career Center Job Board as many times as you would like throughout the duration of your open Job Posting period. Flexible monthly or annual recruiting posting options available. Screen applicants and review certification qualifications, CVs, resumes, and other important information. Postings are customizable and flexible to each entity.

Purchased Job Board Postings will be immediately released to begin filling open employment opportunities. Purchase 24/7 or Contact ACMSS Growth Services at growth@theacmss, or phone 800-987-3692, x104 to begin your  CMSS Career listing TODAY!

Fill qualified top talent CMSS Team member today! 

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