Physicians / Administrators: ACMSS Enables Volume Purchase Discounts and Simple Invoice Agreements to Meet CMS CEHRT Personnel Requirements

Certified Academic Partner Eligibility

$999 / year


Become a highly valuable academic institution offering the “Certified Medical Scribe Specialists-Direct” education-training pathway, as an ACMSS designated Certified Academic Partner“

ACMSS Certified Academic Partners get all the benefits, including:

• Direct “CMSS” Certified Academic Partner pathway allows academic institutions to attest and bypass required minimal certification hours to maintain competitive advantage in the marketplace
• Meet and ensure Federal regulatory CEHRT compliance, meeting Personnel Measure, for Clinicians (CMS)
• Market academic institution as a supplier toward transformation, earning the CMSS designation
• Academic may utilize full scope of CMSS credential, innovating Practice Models for care coordination and patient-centric care
• Provide standardized educational materials, ongoing, real-time
• Stay abreast of industry trends and drivers
• Coordinated ACMSS/”Certified Academic Partner” Custom Press Release, ongoing
• e-Commerce logo for “Certified Academic Partner” marketing materials/website/banner ad display. (ACMSS: “CMSS-Direct Corporate Partner”) logo

Steps toward becoming an ACMSS designated Certified Academic Partner:





Partnered together, ACMSS ensures quality education to medical scribes, offering education-to-certification pathway! Join us as a Certified Academic Partner (CAP)!  Together ACMSS and Certified Academic Partners work together to ensure minimum competencies and performance benchmarks are instructed toward the education-to-certification scribe pathway. Eligible schools who meet Affidavit requirements partner alongside ACMSS, delivering standardized and quality curriculum, enabling students toward successful pass as a credentialed Certified Medical Scribe Specialist. (CMSS)

The CMSS functions in a highly demanding environment ensuring those individuals who receive certification are competent in their respective field and compliant with all mandates and policies. All Certified Academic Partners are recognized and supported toward implementing a successful scribe program.

Upon graduation, all students may sit for the Medical Scribe Certification & Aptitude Test.  Those students who successfully pass MSCAT and do not have necessary hours of clinical employment experience, will be a Certified Medical Scribe Apprentice (CMSA).  Once clinical hours are completed, full recognition of Certified Medical Scribe Specialist (CMSS) credentials and scope will be awarded. CMS recognizes CMSS-certified scribes for clinicians and practices to fully innovate workflow, efficiencies, and standardize clinical documentation in revolutionizing America’s patient-centered care.

All Academic and Corporations purchase full inclusion, Volume Certification Packages.

Curriculum Product Packages:

  • e-HIPAA for Scribes Video/Assessment Certification
  • e-MSCAT Clinical Training/MSCAT Study Resource Manual 
  • e-Continuing Scribe Education modules
  • e-Continuing Medical Education

Steps toward becoming a CAP:

Returning CAP Members – Registering Students:

  • Login to account.  Username is registered email address.
  • Purchase # of CMS Compliance Certification Training/Program through Volume Certification
  • Checkout and register number of students. Each student will receive the following:
    • Initial implementation & Compliance Consulting
    • MSCAT Credentialing Training Program
      • e-HIPAA for Scribes Video/Assessment Certification
      • e-MSCAT Clinical Training/MSCAT Resource Manual 
      • e-Continuing Scribe Education modules
    • MSCAT National Certification and Credentialing Exam
    • CMS compliance partnership and credentialing provider education
    • Continuing Medical Education (CME) Partnership
  • *Re-certification:  Credentialed Certified Medical Scribe Specialists:

    • Re-certification fee credentialing practitioner fee paid
    • Remit 3 hours of Continuing Scribe Education or
    • Remit 3 hours of Continuing Medical Education
    • Continuing Medical Education (CME) Provider
    • Provide practitioner with CMS Meaningful Use compliance CMSS practitioner certificates

*Re-certification:  Credentialed and Certified Medical Scribe Specialists (CMSS) and Certified Medical Scribe Apprentices (CMSA) must maintain 3 hours of Continuing Medical Education and maintain annual re-certification fee to remain active and in good standing with ACMSS. Individuals will be notified 2 weeks ahead to make any changes prior to recertification date. Upon recertification renewal fee paid, account is renewed for 12-months issued credentials and licensure. Any change to the individual account will be lapsesd the following re-certification period.





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