MACRA Law Compliance:

The American College of Medical Scribe Specialists (ACMSS™) provides comprehensive based educational programs for certifying competencies in the field of medical scribes.

CMSS™ Licensing Requirements for MACRA LAW requirements:

  • CMS audit compliant documentation required of Physician/Administrators/Individuals
  • 12-month issuance of ‘live’ CMSS License for required CMS government compliance
  • Industry standardized e-MSCAT™ Clinical Training/Resource Manual
  • Industry Standardized HIPAA for Scribes e-Clinical Training/Operations Assessment
  • Live ACMSS™ Webinars
  • Continuing Medical Education (CME) Units
  • CMSS™ Clinical Communique
  • Advanced clinical documentation CMSS™ Licensure & Credential Implementation
  • Implementation protocols in meeting MACRA core objectives and law, focused on stage 3 criteria of outcomes
  • Secure Clinical Crosswalk, implementation plans, and America’s access to improved health implementing licensed Physician/CMSS™ Teams across healthcare

MACRA LAW/CMS COMPLIANCE:  CMS has asked that each provider or practice maintain a copy of the CMSS Specialist crosswalk and CMSS Compliance Certificate document in their files, just as they would retain documentation outlining their individual approach and method, as well as staffing protocols for audit purposes.

APPLY FOR VOLUME LICENSING DISCOUNTS/AGREEMENTS:  ACMSS™ has a limited number of volume licensing available across healthcare.  Apply for an ACMSS™ financial scholarship or apply toward volume licensing purchasing and discount programs available.

MACRA LAW CMSS™ STANDARDIZED LICENSING APPLICATION:  *Effective January 1, all accounts include:

  • 1st-year 12-month issued CMSS™ Credential
  • Includes one paid MSCAT™ License Examination. All additional MSCAT™ Licensing Examinations are set to standard MSRP (Manufacturing Standard Retail Price) listed on the website
  • Standardized e-MSCAT™ Clinical Manual
  • Standardized e-HIPAA for Scribes Clinical Training/Certification

*LICENSING REQUIREMENTS: Re-licensing is annual and will re-license automatically.  All individuals will receive a notice of upcoming re-licensing fee at which time licensed CMSS™ personnel have the option to cancel prior to relicensing. Upon date of re-licensing fee transacted, all re-licensing fees applied and processed are FINAL for the year.  Re-licensing fees are required of personnel to maintain active and valid license, and meet federal rules in meeting MACRA law requirements. Any lapse of annual relicensing fees will result in the individual repurchasing the ACMSS™ CMSS™ Licensing Program with a requirement to retake the MSCAT™ Licensing Examination to reinstate the individuals CEHRT Meaningful Use personnel number. An official  licensing validation and compliance issued 

*Volume Licensing discounts available in limited supply.  Individuals may apply independently for scholarships and financial aid assistance.

Accounts must maintain annual re-licensing fee with 3 hours of Continuing Medical Education in a 1-year period.  Re-licensing requirements include maintaining the required annual licensing fee with 3 hours of Continuing Medical Education in a 1-year period. Annual compliance fee is non-refundable and non-transferable and is valid  for the 12-months issued CMS Compliance and Meaningful Use license(s) requirements. Active, valid, and maintained CMSScredentials meet validation requirements for CMS audit compliance and meet requirements found in MACRA law.

REINSTATING LAPSED ACCOUNTS, CMSS™ CREDENTIALS, AND CMSS™ LICENSES:  Individuals whose paid account and license lapse MUST REPURCHASE and RETAKE the MSCAT License Examination.

ACMSS™ Intellectual Property:  

All materials presented on this website are the sole and exclusive property of ACMSS™. These materials may be used by individually licensed account holder. ACMSS™ prohibits for any reason intellectually licensed material to be used by persons not affiliated or licensed by ACMSS™ credentialing body.  All materials are copyrighted, exclusive and sole property of ACMSS™, and not to be copied, reproduced, distributed, or trademarked in any way.  ACMSS™ requires active re-licensing to maintain access to licensed material. Accounts must remain in good standing with ACMSS™, which includes re-licensing compliance and renewals fee paid.

All material is confidential and agree that you will not copy, reproduce, or otherwise disclose it to anyone who is not an ACMSS™ credential holder in good standing. If ACMSS™ licensing lapses, or is terminated for any reason, licensee further agrees to cease any use of ACMSS™ proprietary intellectual property, materials, programs, or pathways and to destroy any copies in licensee or facilities possession. Licensed personnel acknowledge that breach of this agreement will cause ACMSS™ irreparable injury and that ACMSS™ shall be entitled to injunctive relief for any such breach in addition to monetary damages, without the necessity of posting a bond. The prevailing party in any action to enforce this agreement shall be entitled to recover its costs, including attorneys’ fees. By accessing this document, licensee agrees that venue and jurisdiction for any claim arising from or relating to any breach of this agreement shall be properly and exclusively venued in the state or federal courts located in Orange County, California and that California law applies.

In no event will ACMSS™ be liable for any licensing loss or damage, including without limitation, indirect or consequential loss or damage, or any loss or damage whatsoever arising from loss of data or profits arising out of, or in connection with, the use of this website.