November is Decision Time for Healthcare Coverage: Enroll and Vote!

As we head into the mid-term election and the open enrollment season, our 21st century healthcare system is top on our minds at the American College of Medical Scribe Specialists ( and the American College of Clinical Documentation Outcomes (TheACCDO,org). As both healthcare voters and healthcare consumers, we will all soon be making decisions that affect our personal health and the strength and fabric of our nation’s healthcare system.

At ACMSS™ and ACCDO we advocate for all Americans to have full healthcare coverage, so we urge everyone to participate in the open enrollment period for health insurance that runs from Nov. 1 through Dec.  15. You have choices, and we want you to exercise your opportunity to get the best coverage for you and your family. Many individuals still do not know that they have open enrollment and access to our nation’s public healthcare system through to have open Medicare plans, regardless of age, from birth to death. All American’s are afforded the opportunity to enroll, participate, and remain wholly insured through comprehensive insurance plans that cover individuals from everything from preventive and wellness care to enabling the latest scientific breakthroughs and the best that health care has to offer to tackle even the most complex and robust problems and in reverse these with fluidity and ease across America. ‘Key modernized breakthroughs are here scientifically in both care and cures,’ says executive director, Kristin Hagen.

If you aren’t currently covered, or are ready to explore your options, regardless of age, you will need to review, choose, and enroll for coverage between November 1-Dec. 15, or individuals won’t be able to be covered for 2019 unless you apply for a Special Enrollment Period.  (You qualify for a Special Enrollment Period if you’ve had certain life events, including losing health coverage, moving, getting married, having a baby, or adopting a child.) If you have coverage, the open enrollment period is your opportunity to change plans or health insurance providers.

In either case, now is the time to review your insurance options. Closely check pricing, premiums, coverage, access, and benefits, to select the best options for you and your family. The best place to start is

The other opportunity Americans have to positively affect their personal health and the continuing evolution of our nation’s 21st century healthcare system enabling wellness, prevention and 21st century cures comes less than a week after open enrollment starts, focused on the issues that are most important and in touch with the average American, which include their most pressing interest, health care. ACMSS™ and ACCDO urge all eligible voters to get out and vote this coming Election Day on Tuesday, Nov. 6. Review the candidates and carefully select individuals who best align to the issues that are most pressing, which can directly impact your access, coverage, and cost of care to keep both you and your family protected.

Healthcare coverage has emerged as a critical issue in these midterm elections. The focus on healthcare is essential to continue the momentum and not roll back the progress we have made over the past decade. ACMSS™ and ACCDO ask all American voters, regardless of party affiliation, to do their due diligence in selecting leaders who will continue to forge new paths and directions, not remove any essential elements of care, always cover pre-existing conditions, as these are now curable, and save the nation billions of dollars, and ensure Americans have access to affordable health care coverage, and protect the graduated bipartisan healthcare laws the American people voted in and support. Both ACMSS™ and ACCDO urge all people to make informed decisions on the many state propositions around the country this year that will affect innovation, care, coverage, cost, and access to care.

We encourage everyone to get involved, become informed, and participate in greater unity and collaboration.  Healthcare should not be a red issue or a blue issue—it should be a red, white and blue issue, because it affects us all. Our focus remains steadfast at ACMSS™ and ACCDO on evidence-based care to 21 century cures that is accomplished through licensed Certified Medical Scribe Specialists putting into motion the designated care and cures for providers and patients in the U.S. healthcare system.

Both ACMSS™ and ACCDO believe the Congress should work in a bipartisan manner toward real solutions in improving our health system. At ACMSS™ and ACCDO, we believe pre-existing conditions are curable in the US healthcare system based on prevention, wellness and 21st century cures. Today’s solution is found in a framework of care in which Certified Medical Scribe Specialists teams work together nationwide, for patients, clients, physicians, and clinicians, filling current gaps in America’s health care system, in wellness. Both ACMSS™ and ACCDO support maintaining stability in the current U.S. healthcare system, while allowing for greater traction, uptake and adoption toward healthcare transformation, focused on evidence-based  21st century cures.

ACMSS™ and ACCDO also support the Choose Medicare Act (S.2708) bill before Congress, introduced last year in the Senate, which solidify in additional law and further protect Medicare for the people. The Choose Medicare for Act advances bipartisan healthcare and framework already in place and passed through an advancing regulatory framework and existing laws. Both ACMSS™ and ACCDO work collaboratively and independently to inform, provide access and resources to key information consumers need to be informed of, as much as any individual, clinician, and care team.  Both ACMSS™ and ACCDO work diligently daily to implement the individual, academic, and sustaining clinical, and care models found deep inside the bill before Congress and in law today.

In addition, ACMSS™ and ACCO support the Choose Medicare Act, Medicare for all, which according to the latest poll by the Kaiser Family Foundation, is supported by 54 percent of Americans. All Americans need to have their healthcare covered so the U.S. will continue to strengthen its nation, education, and job growth, while moving away from a very reactive, volume-based system that wastes dollars, treats more of the same kind of care over and over again for sick and hurt people, into a value-based, patient-centric system that gets people well and keeps them that way. There is nothing more frustrating than wasting time and money that has no power to make me well. Universal coverage is the only way to ensure this nation and population of people, for generations to come, move away from the old systems into the new models of evidence-based, integrative care that not only truly heal people and improve their health care daily, but truly cure them. Both ACMSS™ and ACCDO have laid the pivotal foundational framework.

And speaking of wellness and important dates in November, ACMSS™ and ACCDO are excited about the anticipated release in early December of ACMSS™ | ACCDO Executive Director Kristin Hagen’s book, titled, “Align Above: My Passionate Dance at Life!” The book lays the blueprints to wellness and provides the roadmap to 21st century care to cures. The ACMSS™ | ACCDO foundations sit upon the US Healthcare system, in which expands the US Healthcare system through the Choose Medicare Act Senate Bill (S.2708).

About ACMSS™
The American College of Medical Scribe Specialists is the nation’s only nonprofit professional society representing more than 28,000 Certified Medical Scribe Specialists in over 2,800 medical institutions. The Medical Scribe Certification & Aptitude Test (MSCAT™) Examination meets current and proposed Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) personnel requirements toward true meaningful use of electronic health records.  ACMSS™ advances the needs of the medical scribe industry through certification, public advocacy, secure innovative systems design, individualized and customized consulting, tailored webinars, and continuing scribe education for improved care coordination and patient-centric care toward wellness. ACMSS ™ works independently in compliance with CMS to meet national goals and initiatives of MACRA. Certified Medical Scribe Specialists meet the qualified CEHRT requirements found in the 2015  Final Rule of Certified Electronic Health Record Technology (CEHRT), and are experts in medicolegal clinical documentation.

The American College of Clinical Documentation Outcomes is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization serving  healthcare non-profit entities, non-profit organizations, accredited academic institutions, and the community at large, hosting meaningful conversations with physicians, clinicians, and patients about becoming involved, and creating meaningful connections and educational materials on improving 21st century clinical care. Activities are focused on charitable contributions, research, advocacy, events, and creating new educational material focused on evidence-based care and cures. Nutrition and holistic care are centerpieces along with the importance of reaching both clients and patients of the healthcare system.

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