A Key Solution to EHRs: Certified Medical Scribe Specialists (CMSS)

Certified Medical Scribe Specialists (CMSS) are a key solution to creating an interoperable and robust electronic healthcare system.  These tech-savvy professionals are the minimum baseline needed to enable “real time” throughput of point of care decision making and treatment for physicians and patients alike. On the incentivized path of EHR utilization and meaningful use, the personnel pathway to achieve national goals has grown momentum step-by-step in presence, utilization, standards, and education.

The United States healthcare system cannot achieve meaningful use on technology alone.  It is imperative these skilled people, Certified Medical Scribe Specialists, pave the way in this new day and allow key US investment and goals to be reached.  It is vital the baseline is set for anyone working in this electronic health record era to be certified and credentialed, protecting, accessing, and entering information into our electronic medical records.

ACMSS national certification of medical scribes standardizes the industry, sets appropriate benchmarks into place, and ensures privacy, security, and protection to healthcare records, under the auspices of licensed clinicians. Standards are imperative, connected to national initiatives, keeping Certified Medical Scribe Specialists (CMSS) abreast with latest technology and education ongoing – a commitment of any CMSS. In order for a high-technology, robust, inter-connected and interoperable electronic health record system to occur, the implementation and usage of the people, medical scribes, are paramount to 21st century innovations, system design, and meaningful clinical documentation. Clinician workflow must be preserved, allowing physicians to focus on the patient, while enabling the conduit of real-time electronic medical record systems.

Medical scribes are the necessity piece needed in the US Healthcare System.  ACMSS ensures the gold-standard towards achieving meaningful use, quality measures, increased adoption, and mutually enabling supportive feedback toward electronic medical record systems that will evolve with high technology design and style.  It is imperative the right people are aligned at the right time at the right place with the right technology to intricately evolve and progress to meaningful and usable clinician encounters, research, and data outcomes.

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