Take Advantage of Your Exclusive Online ACMSS Member Resources and Benefits!

In ACMSS continuing role as a solution-focused organization for Physicians and Practice Administrators CMS compliance and innovation, ACMSS has created a valuable online resource area for our valuable clients.

ACMSS has listened to our members and developed multiple key features for easy management of your account and associated memberships. ACMSS would  like to take a little time to show you how it works.


To help our administrators meet national requirements for MACRA, ACMSS is streamlining and designing multiple feature requests for efficient management and assignment. We look forward to our ongoing commitment to develop and build around your needs. ACMSS offers practice-wide certification with estimates available to simplify long-term relationships and a full suite of services.

ACMSS strengthens America’s proprietary and innovative ‘Physician/Certified Medical Scribe Specialist Teams’ through its convenient pathways for certifying all eligible non-clinical and clinical staff, which include CMAs, LVNs, RNs, EMT-Ps, technicians and more. Hybrid roles are developed with ongoing Physician/CMSS partnership, including Continuing Education in preventive medicine, MACRA focused.

Ongoing Design, Customization, Innovative Physician/CMSS Teams and Clinician Autonomy with CMS

ACMSS features full-service design, support and solutions, sales, operations, consulting and public speaking suite of services in our ongoing commitment of building America’s high-caliber Physician/CMSS Teams.

MACRA: Commitment to Excellence, Evidence-Based Medicine and Care through ACMSS Customized Consulting

ACMSS suite of services includes customized consulting per physician, per practice, per specialty. ACMSS consulting is proprietary to ACMSS Physician/CMSS Teams and enables America 21st Century Clinical Care and Innovation, ongoing. Customized consulting keeps physicians, practices, and specialties advancing and on the cutting-edge of medicine, ongoing.

For Physicians/Practice Administrators ONLY: SECURE CMS Compliance Documents

Access to licensed materials, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Compliance Documents, America’s Systems Design framework to innovate Physician/Certified Medical Scribe Specialist Teams are housed. The following are some of these products:

Secure Physician/Practice Administrator Member Confidential Documents Section

In this area you will have access to the proprietary ACMSS “Innovative System Design Blueprint for Physician/CMSS Teams,” and “CMSS Credential Crosswalk,” which you can put to use in your practice.

CMS Audit Compliance: What Physicians/Practice Administrators Need to Know!

CMS Proprietary “CMSS”; Crosswalk and Attestation:

Here you will have access to the ACMSS Outpatient Certified Medical Scribe Specialist (CMSS) Crosswalk. This document is proprietary and confidential and available only to ACMSS members in good standing. CMS has asked that each provider or practice retain a copy of the Specialist Crosswalk documentation in their files, just as they would retain documentation outlining their individual approach and method, as well as staffing protocols for audit purposes.

For Practice Administrators: Managing Practice Accounts and Memberships

With each new certification package, each individual receives a secure username and password.

To manage practice membership renewals, certification packages, and individual assignment, navigate to TheACMSS.org.

  • Click on “My Account
  • Enter username and password
  • Once logged in, mouse-over “My Account”
  • Select “Manage Member Assignments”
  • Once at the page titled, “Membership and Certification Assignments,” administrators may edit account information, assign out new certification package assignments, manage renewals, and more

CMS Compliance: Annual Membership Renewals; Maintaining CMSS Credential

In collaboration with CMS, ongoing, all members need to maintain annual membership renewal, retaining “CMSS” credential. Physician’s and Practice Administrators need to retain a copy for CMS audit compliance, ongoing.

ACMSS manages all aspects of CMS Audit Compliance for Physicians and Administrators.

For more info, see our store policies at https://theacmss.org/store-policies/

Membership Renewals: Assign to Personnel

Membership Renewals are automatic. Two weeks prior to membership renewal, an email is generated. Members may contact ACMSS prior to renewal for adjustment in membership renewal numbers. A new feature is underway for customer to manually increase or decrease the number of personnel.

To Assign Membership Renewals:  

  • Note the number available to Assign in the “blue tile.”
  • Click the name of the member, which highlights in blue
  • Click the ‘Assign’ button below the Renewals icon to apply to the Individual
  • Upon “Applying,” a new CMS Compliance Certificate is immediately available for Physician and/or Practice Administrator files, as per CMS Compliance request

View/Manage Individual Member Records. Print Annual CMS “Physician/CMSS” Compliance Certificates

To view an extended listing of a member, click the ‘View’ button below the View Member Record tile (see the following image).


A “HELP SYSTEM” button is available 24/7 to support information in managing accounts and membership assignments. Any questions may be directed to ACMSS Support and Development Teams, who will assist in ongoing account management and database management. Email: developer@theacmss.org.

The Membership and Certification Assignments page (shown above) contains Existing Memberships displayed in 2 columns, with 10 tiles at the bottom representing 8 qualities that can be assigned to your members. There are also 2 buttons at the right that provide access to additional information about your members. If additional memberships have been purchase a form for adding new members is displayed at the bottom of the page.

This small picture above shows Practice Administrator (with this case showing Kristin Hagen as the example) and the pencil icon. Clicking the pencil icon opens a new panel for selecting the Practice Administrator.

Note: after changing the Practice Administrator it will be necessary to logout and login to access the new practice administrator’s account.

Renewal dates are colorized, with red indicating that membership needs immediate renewal, and orange indicating that the membership is due for renewal in the next 30 days.

Each line contains 7 colored icons followed by the membership renewal date, a colored circle depicting the current membership status as either non-member (N), manual (M), or auto-renewal (A) and the name of the member.


Since January 2017, in MACRA compliance, the ACMSS certification packages have been streamlined to include: Membership, MSCAT Manual, HIPAA for Scribes, and MSCAT Certification Assessment/credentialing pathway.

To Assign a NEW Certification Package: Enter First Name, Last Name, and Email address of the user in the “Add New Member” box.

To Assign Products/Continuing Education: Click on a Name, which will highlight in blue, then click on the “Assign” buttons that appear below the colored tiles.

Member Record Tile


Within each Member Record, the member can be deleted from the practice, and adjusted from auto-renewal to manual. Manual renewals must be paid by renewal date, online or by phone.

Individual Account detail may be updated, anytime, to include address, email, and phone.

Individual Medical Scribe Specialist Packages:

Each medical scribe specialist candidate is provided standardized access to:
MSCAT Training/Resource Manual, HIPAA for Scribes Assessment, and MSCAT Assessment

In these areas, members have access to the proprietary Medical Scribe Certification & Aptitude Test (MSCAT) Manual for study in advance of taking the MSCAT Assessment, HIPAA for Scribes and the MSCAT Test.

HIPAA for Scribes: The HIPAA Compliance for Medical Scribes Assessment is a course in which members will learn to define HIPAA; explain Protected Health Information, highlight medical scribe risk factors, and comply with important HIPAA privacy and security rules and regulations. A grade of 80% on the accompanying examination is required for successful completion of this course.

MSCAT: Under “MSCAT” Assessment you will find the Medical Scribe Certification & Aptitude Test (MSCAT), which is designed to certify a medical scribe’s breadth of knowledge with respect to medical terminology, technical spelling, the Patient Privacy Rule and HIPAA, the scribe specialists’ role in medico-legal risk mitigation, understanding the essential elements of documenting a physician-patient encounter, evaluation and management level, the CMS Measures and general knowledge of the roles and responsibilities of general medical personnel, clinical medicine, including Computerized Provider Order Entry.

Individuals have the option of choosing General Certification, or separate specialty certification exams, including: Dermatology, Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine, Ophthalmology, Primary Care, Urgent Care, Vascular Care, and Oncology


The ACMSS certification program meets CMS certification requirements toward use of certified electronic health records. ACMSS is independent from all scribe companies and organizations and works in compliance with CMS to meet national goals and initiatives of MACRA, and Meaningful Use of electronic health record technology. ACMSS is now offering several certification pathways for Certified Medical Scribe Specialists in order to meet CMS requirements under MACRA, also offered at volume discounts.

Please contact ACMSS Executive Director Kristin Hagen directly at info@theacmss.org or 800-987-3692 if you have any questions regarding the ACMSS program and/or materials.