ACMSS™/CMS Continuing Medical Education (CME) 
• Annual licensing fee requirements paid annually
• 3 hours of CME in one-year time. Choose from CMS MLN Catalog
• Remit proof to ACMSS™ for CMS licensing program requirements. Email proof to ACMSS™ Licensing Services:

Each trainee or student will

ACMSS™ approves licensing requirements for the following CMS CME accredited educational program for appropriate licensed CMSS™ credentialed personnel:

The following shows the length of the training in relation to the amount of accredited CMEs ACMSS™ will award as well as the corresponding index number:

  • Less than 30 minutes: .5 CME, Index# CMS06140727A
  • Anything greater than 30 minutes and up to 60 minutes: 1 CME, Index #CMS06140728A
  • Anything greater than 60 minutes and up to 90 minutes: 1.5 CME, Index #CMS06140729A
  • Anything greater than 90 minutes and up to 120 minutes: 2 CME, Index #CMS06140730A

Note: For Web-based Trainings the number of contact hours/minutes is located in title. And on all certificate types.
When submitting a CMS completed training to ACMSS™ as part of your annual CMSS™ licensing program, you MUST retain:

  • Proof of your CMSS™ License number
  • a copy of your CMS/MLN certificate, or
  • Documentation of the contact hours spent in the training

CMS has asked that each clinician/provider/practice retain a copy of the Specialist crosswalk and certification documentation in their files just as they would retain documentation outlining their individual approach and method, as well as staffing protocols for audit purposes.

ACMSS™ WILL request copies of CMSS™ Licesning and compliance documents for CMS audit/compliance purposes if you or your organization are selected for verifying CMSS™ Licensing personnel audits.

NOTE: All CMSS™ Licensing and compliance documents are issued for government purposes and reporting through CMSS™ licensing (including Certificate of Completion) by CMS. ACMSS™ will need proof of all MLN Continuing Medical Education completed. Remit to ACMSS™ Licensing Services at:

Registering for a National Provider Call to Obtain Credit

You must register for the call through our registration website if you plan to request credit from your professional association.

View our list of recent and upcoming National Provider Calls & Events and other CMS Training for Credit.