The American College of Clinical Documentation Outcomes (ACCDO) is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization devoted to promoting the meaningful utilization of Certified Electronic Health Record Technology (CEHRT) to achieve greater patient-centric health outcomes across healthcare, focused on prevention, and wellness through evidence-based integrative medicine care and models.

The ACCDO enacts policy around transformative evidence-based integrative medicine models that have the power to cure individuals Training and continuing education are also vital pillars of this mission. ACCDO will fund three scholarship programs for the advancement of the field of integrative medicine.

American College of Clinical Documentation Outcomes, Inc. is a California nonprofit public benefit corporation organized for charitable purposes. Specifically, the Organization is organized to promote the meaningful utilization of Certified Electronic Health Record Technology to achieve greater outcomes in integrative medicine, functional medicine, prevention, and wellness. The Organization’s main programs are described below.

Research Integrative medicine is the concept that achieving positive patient outcomes depends on focusing on all factors that affects a patient’s health including the physical, emotional, mental, social, spiritual, and environmental influences. This approach focuses on individualized approaches to patient care, and also considers prevention as a key component to healthcare. One of the main programs of ACCDO will be scientific research, and grants, in this area with the specific goal of finding ways to improve patient outcomes through evidence-based functional medicine, integrative medicine, and precision medicine – thus advancing Physician/CMSS Care Teams to cures.

Grants will be sought to increase educational resources, in addition to local, state, and national grants focused on federal CMS regulations and MACRA.

Grants will be sought to further America’s mission, purpose, and vision of 21st Century Care into CURES in building and advancing patient-centered care through MACRA, enabling Quality, Cost, Advancing Care Information (Research), and Clinical Practice Improvement Activities. Grants will be focused on federal initiatives and objectives.

Creation of Educational Materials ACCDO will create scientific and educational materials through federally and/or state funded research and education grants. The educational materials will be based on identified criteria related to building out the future of healthcare, research initiatives, and deliverables toward outcomes and patient-centered care, focused on wellness. Educational materials will support the professional education, build and participate in 21st century clinical care and create ongoing continuing education to support the ongoing growth of the profession and organization. Educational content is the primary objective.

Advocacy The Organization is committed to raising awareness of the need for meaningful clinical documentation and patient-centered care in the areas of functional and integrative medicine. It will conduct nationwide advocacy to promote these causes, and will advocate for preventive care, new models to care, and general wellness strategies for all.

Scholarships ACCDO will fund three scholarship programs for the advancement of the field of integrative medicine. First, it will fund scholarships for undergraduate, pre-med students who plan to integrate functional medicine into their practices.

Second, ACCDO will create a scholarship program for individuals wishing to join the medical profession as certified medical scribe specialists. The scholarship funds will be used to pay the costs associated with preparation for the certification exam and the exam fee itself.

Third, ACCDO will create a scholarship program to support certified medical scribe specialists working in the field to fund the cost of their continuing education requirements. ACCDO believes that all medical professionals can benefit from implementing integrative and functional medicine into their practices, so the Organization will also assist current medical professionals such as Registered Nurses and Licensed Vocational Nurses become certified as medical scribe specialists. Its scholarship program will be open to individuals is those fields as well for this purpose.

Lastly, ACCDO will advocate for survivors of accidents caused by airbag malfunctions and help individuals gain access to healthcare options tailored toward their individual needs.

Scientific Assemblies ACCDO plans to hold scientific assemblies where groups of medical professionals can discuss their research and learn more about the benefits of preventive medicine.

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