Jennifer Larsen

About Jennifer Larsen

Board Member

Jennifer Larsen is the Executive Vice-President of Senior Management at ScribeAmerica.  Mrs. Larsen provides organizational oversight throughout the company and specializes in implementing new processes designed to maintain ScribeAmerica’s cutting-edge position in the industry.

Mrs. Larsen joined ScribeAmerica during its infancy as one of its earliest employees, and became a member of the Executive Management Team in 2009.  She was selected as the Executive Vice-President of Senior Management in 2013 and continues to serve in this role refining ScribeAmerica’s management-development initiatives and quality assurance programs.

Mrs. Larsen takes pride in designing and honing operations that ensure reproducible high-quality scribe training and support.  She enjoys analyzing techniques that create successful scribes on an individual level, then adapting those principles to fit a national scale.  She has personally trained thousands of scribes both in the classroom and clinical setting, and continues to elevate ScribeAmerica’s organizational programs for producing consistent scribe excellence on a national scale.

Mrs. Larsen received her Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences from the University of California at Irvine on a full athletic scholarship.  While obtaining her degree, she competed in tennis for both the University of Wyoming and the University of California at Irvine Division-I tennis programs. Although her family resides in sunny Sacramento, California, Mrs. Larsen joined her husband for adventure in the Northwest and now lives happily near Portland, Oregon.