CityMD Joins ACMSS as a “CMSS-Direct 1-Step Clinical Corporate Partner”

CONTACT: Kristin Hagen, CMSS; Clinical Informatics/Wellness
Executive Director, American College of Medical Scribe Specialists
(657) 888-2158

ORANGE, Calif., August 25, 2016. The American College of Medical Scribe Specialists (ACMSS) has approved its first premiere “CMSS” Direct 1-Step Clinical Corporate Partner, CityMD, which is the fastest-growing urgent care system in the Northeast. CityMD, which started with one clinic in New York City in 2010, now employs more than 350 medical scribe specialists in its 55 clinics in New York and New Jersey. CityMD plans to open a new clinic this month in Seattle.

“ACMSS is proud to partner with CityMD, helping them to utilize the full scope of the Certified Medical Scribe Specialist [CMSS] credential, focusing on innovative workflow, and providing benefits in patient-centric care and efficiencies,” said ACMSS Executive Director Kristin Hagen. “The Certified Clinical Corporate Partnership also provides CityMD with a pathway to certify their own scribes through ACMSS to meet federal regulatory requirements.”

“The biggest value of the corporate partnership is having access to the resources of ACMSS, such as guidelines on the scribe curriculum as well as providing the pathway for scribe certification to meet the CPOE [computerized provider order entry] requirement,” said Tushar Kapoor, MD, FACEP, Vice President of CityMD Academy, who is in charge of medical staff development for the company. “In addition, there are other initiatives underway at ACMSS—for example, offering CSE [Continuing Scribe Education] credits and other webinars and courses that can be provided to further their knowledge.”
Through ACMSS’s new CMSS Direct 1-Step Certification Pathway, educational companies can apply to become Clinical Corporate Partners. The annual corporate sponsorship allows eligible corporate partners to certify their scribes, institute innovative practice procedures and provide educational materials for their scribes. To become a clinical corporate partner and participate in the CMSS Direct 1-Step Certification Pathway, a company must attest in an affidavit that its education programs meets all of the curriculum content requirements, and submit the curriculum to the ACMSS board for approval. This process has been completed with CityMD.

Certified Clinical Corporate Partnership benefits include:

  • A direct CMSS certification pathway to maintain the competitive advantage in the marketplace, and bypass 200 unassisted documentation clinical hours
  • Meeting and ensuring federal regulatory CEHRT compliance, and meeting the Personnel
    Measure for Clinicians (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, CMS)
  • Marketing the corporation as a “fully certified” organization
  • The corporation may utilize the full scope of CMSS credential, innovating Practice Model for care coordination and patient-centric care
  • Providing standardized educational material, ongoing, in real-time
  • Staying abreast of industry trends and drivers
  • Coordinated ACMSS/Corporate Partner Custom Press Releases
  • e-commerce logo for ACMSS Clinical Corporate Partner marketing materials/website/banner ad display (ACMSS: CMSS-Direct Corporate Partner) logo
  • Volume purchase discounts

“All of our programs are evolving in order to streamline the process for individuals, educational companies, academic institutions and providers to get their scribes certified, and provide greater value for their students and employees,” says Hagen.

Ophthalmology was the first specialty in the country (2014) to meet CMS standards for the Meaningful Use Personnel Measure, up to and including CPOE. ACMSS uses that best practice standard to develop specialized medical scribe certifications for a growing number of medical practice specialties, including primary care, internal medicine, oncology, emergency medicine, vascular care, dermatology, urgent care, and generalized certification for all to qualify toward successful attestations.

“Ophthalmology is the outpatient specialty that is our standard best practice model, or ‘crosswalk,’ that we are applying to all of the specialties across the country that medical scribes serve,” said Hagen. “We worked cooperatively with the American Society of Ophthalmic Administrators (ASOA) on this crosswalk. ACMSS continues to innovate with other non-profit partners in a number of specialties, including the American Academy of Urgent Care Medicine (AAUCM), to meet certification requirements. ACMSS customizes specialty-specific MSCAT Certifications and CMSS Crosswalks, per specialty, per non-profit. Contact ACMSS today to learn more, assisting and benefitting certifications. We urge other specialties to join us as non-profit partners.

The ACMSS certification program meets current and proposed CMS certification requirements toward meaningful utilization of electronic health records. ACMSS works independently and in compliance with CMS to meet national goals and initiatives of MACRA and MIPS. Certified Medical Scribe Specialists (CMSS) also meet the “qualified people” standard in Certified Electronic Health Record Technology (CEHRT) of CMS Meaningful Use, into proposed and streamlined MACRA.

Please contact ACMSS directly at, or 657-888-2158, if you have any questions regarding the ACMSS program and/or materials.


The American College of Medical Scribe Specialists is the nation’s only nonprofit professional society representing more than 17,000 Medical Scribes in over 1,800 medical institutions. ACMSS partners with academic institutions, non-profit partners, and medical scribe corporations to offer both education-to-certification and employment-to-certification pathways. ACMSS advances the needs of the medical scribe industry through certification, public advocacy, secure innovative systems design, individualized and customized consulting, tailored webinars, and continuing scribe education for improved care coordination and patient-centric care toward wellness. ACMSS is available for public speaking engagements and consulting, serving healthcare.

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