What Physicians, Practice Administrators Need to Know

Certified Medical Scribe Specialists (CMSS) are making their debut into the country in record pace?  Why?  Together we are writing our nations stories, our most sacred document in getting people healthy and well. Certified Scribes into practice workflows are key to achieving national goals and creating sustainable wellness.  Together, as a team and in unison, Physicians, Practice Administrators, and ancillary staff are working to provide valuable resources to your care team.

Practice Administrators and Physicians need to know that certified scribes are a necessity with CEHRT.  CMS has noted the following:

“CMS has asked that each provider or practice retain a copy of the Specialist Crosswalk documentation, and certificate, in their files, just as they would retain documentation outlining their individual approach and method, as well as staffing protocols for audit purposes.”

Together, as a nation, we are working hard to maintain the highest level of integrity and distinction in maintaining electronic health record compilation and utilization.  Key breakthroughs are had when documentation is aligned, utilized, and appropriate to research and outcomes.

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