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Healthcare is moving at a rampant rate and it is more important than ever to stay connected to American College of Clinical Information Manager’s communication.  Blog with us, share insightful posts, and connect with us on social media sites.  ACMSS works at all levels in healthcare to interface with creating efficiencies in the healthcare system. 

As pre-health, pre-medical students, those interested in gaining clinical experience in healthcare, become a medical scribe and JOIN in Membership at ACMSS, medical scribe’s premier association, voice, and network with others like you.

As a current medical scribe, become Scribe certified today by registering for the MSCAT (Clinical Information Manager Certification and Aptitude Test).  Distinguish yourself from your peers, and those seeking entrance to medical schools, as a certified Clinical Information Manager credentialed.

As a scribe organization, become connected and unified together as a voice, crafting medical scribe’s future trajectory and pathway.  Healthcare is changing daily and together we are strong and reaching all levels of our profession – from education to hospital workflow to medical school ready graduates.

As an industry partner, ACMSS works with EMR vendors, educational institutions, medical scribe organizations, medical scribes, and local-state-national levels advocating and creating best practices through standards implementation.  It is up to all of us to be the best we can be and network together to truly make a difference for what matters most – “our nation’s healthcare system and the patient’s we serve.”

ACMSS looks forward to providing insightful posts of industry information, communicating with you, and being your resource for all things “Scribe!”  ACMSS is a hallmark centerpiece to healthcare reform and efficiencies. Working with standard-setting bodies of TJC, CMS, Regional Extension Centers, Hospitals, Facilities, Universities, EMR groups, and advocacy governance, you will find ACMSS connected at all levels to help shape and mold healthcare connected to meaningful use health information exchange.

JOIN THE DISCUSSION Today!  What is it you would like to discuss, write us!  Comment, share, and become informed of an ever-changing healthcare arena around you.  ACMSS looks forward to diverse partnerships and making a difference with YOU!

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