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Partner and Certify Today; Together, we are building America’s future!

Certified Medical Scribes are a requirement of Meaningful Use and a necessary and valuable commodity in creating our evolving health and wellness care models. Together we are united; together we are one!

Certification Options:
– Certified Medical Scribe Specialist (CMSS) certification meet MU objectives
– Certified Medical Scribe Apprentice (CMSA) certification
– Certification Bundles, choose 1+ bundles to Unlimited (Copper to Platinum+)
– HIPAA for Scribes video/certification assessment, 1 hour Continuing Education
– MSCAT Training/Resource Guide (MSCAT study, Prep for Continuing Education)

What are the benefits of Certification?
– Requirement of CMS Meaningful Use
– Workflow management and efficiencies
– Patient Safety
– Electronic Health Records goals enabled
– Enable evolving care models in wellness
– Highly valuable member of the allied healthcare team
– Professional career recognition, growth
– Expanding evolving employment and career opportunities
– Competitive advantage toward medical school application process
– Protecting and blanketing America’s healthcare system

All in healthcare welcome; Partner with ACMSS via Membership Types:
– Corporate Membership
– Practice Partners
– Non-Profit Partnerships (available for 501(c)3 or 501 (c)6 – all welcome
– Vendor Sponsorships (EMR, HIE, HIT vendors)
– Contributors

ACMSS is your trusted resource and partner with Physicians to meet Meaningful Use, growing beside you, in today’s evolving healthcare system for doctors, patients and clients alike!  Physicians must meet meaningful use and ACMSS is here to serve respective providers, getting the doctor back to the bedside for improved care and the art of medicine!

Certify today!

“Revolutionizing Clinical Care one Certified Scribe at a Time!”
Together, we are building “meaningful” clinical documentation!

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