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Certification Packages:

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Readying for MACRA with ACMSS: Clinician Driven. Patient Centered through Physician/CMSS Teams.

Together Physician/CMSS teams focused on innovation, wellness, and sustainable care and outcomes for our nation and people!

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What Physicians, Practice Administrators Need to Know

Certified Medical Scribe Specialists (CMSS) are making their debut into the country in record pace?  Why?  Together we are writing our nations stories, our most sacred document in getting people healthy and well. Certified Scribes into practice workflows are key to achieving national goals and creating sustainable wellness.  Together, as a team and in unison, Physicians, Practice Administrators, and ancillary staff are working to provide valuable resources to your care team.

Practice Administrators and Physicians need to know that certified scribes are a necessity with CEHRT.  CMS has noted the following:

“CMS has asked that each provider or practice retain a copy of the Specialist Crosswalk documentation, and certificate, in their files, just as they would retain documentation outlining their individual approach and method, as well as staffing protocols for audit purposes.”

Together, as a nation, we are working hard to maintain the highest level of integrity and distinction in maintaining electronic health record compilation and utilization.  Key breakthroughs are had when documentation is aligned, utilized, and appropriate to research and outcomes.

Happy New Year!

Partner and Certify Today; Together, we are building America’s future!

Certified Medical Scribes are a requirement of Meaningful Use and a necessary and valuable commodity in creating our evolving health and wellness care models. Together we are united; together we are one!

Certification Options:
– Certified Medical Scribe Specialist (CMSS) certification meet MU objectives
– Certified Medical Scribe Apprentice (CMSA) certification
– Certification Bundles, choose 1+ bundles to Unlimited (Copper to Platinum+)
– HIPAA for Scribes video/certification assessment, 1 hour Continuing Education
– MSCAT Training/Resource Guide (MSCAT study, Prep for Continuing Education)

What are the benefits of Certification?
– Requirement of CMS Meaningful Use
– Workflow management and efficiencies
– Patient Safety
– Electronic Health Records goals enabled
– Enable evolving care models in wellness
– Highly valuable member of the allied healthcare team
– Professional career recognition, growth
– Expanding evolving employment and career opportunities
– Competitive advantage toward medical school application process
– Protecting and blanketing America’s healthcare system

All in healthcare welcome; Partner with ACMSS via Membership Types:
– Corporate Membership
– Practice Partners
– Non-Profit Partnerships (available for 501(c)3 or 501 (c)6 – all welcome
– Vendor Sponsorships (EMR, HIE, HIT vendors)
– Contributors

ACMSS is your trusted resource and partner with Physicians to meet Meaningful Use, growing beside you, in today’s evolving healthcare system for doctors, patients and clients alike!  Physicians must meet meaningful use and ACMSS is here to serve respective providers, getting the doctor back to the bedside for improved care and the art of medicine!

Certify today!

“Revolutionizing Clinical Care one Certified Scribe at a Time!”
Together, we are building “meaningful” clinical documentation!

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ACMSS Launches Innovative Website for Medical Scribe Specialists, Focused in Wellness in Healthcare

 The American College of Medical Scribe Specialists (ACMSS) understands the importance of America’s paradigm shift in its healthcare system and is offering innovative, customized and flexible solutions in membership and certifications for valued Corporations, Practices, Academic institutions, and Individuals.

Kristin Hagen, President and CEO of ACMSS, believes strongly that “we enable wellness, prevention, disease reversal, and a 21st century healthcare system here in the United States, growing steadily across the nation. Together we are achieving and innovating our nation’s goals. creating a robust healthcare for the people!”

ACMSS provides an easy-to-use storefront that offers programs to certify all staff for Eligible Providers in: Dermatology, Emergency Medicine, General Medicine, Internal Medicine, Oncology, Ophthalmology, Primary Care, Urgent Care, and Vascular Care. ACMSS offers innovative and customized packages to meet client needs, tailored and customized to Corporate levels (Platinum+ to Bronze), Physician Practices, Academic, or Individual level.

Certified Medical Scribes are bringing back the doctor-patient-client relationship by enabling our healthcare providers to spend more quality time with their patients through real-time medical records. This allows physicians to see more patients and give them better service. Hospitals also benefit by having lower employee turnover, higher productivity, fewer errors, and happier healthier patients.

In addition to real-time documentation, medical scribes increase practice efficiencies in several areas, including billing, patient record organization, workflow efficiencies, insurance, and improved clinical and patient care – both inside and outside of the exam room.

A Certified Medical Scribe Specialist (CMSS) counts toward Meaningful Use requirement. Those who don’t use the program will continue to face penalties in 2016. The payment reduction started at 1% in 2015 and will continue to increase each year that an eligible professional does not demonstrate Meaningful Use, to a maximum of 9%,” according to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Eligible Professionals include: Doctor of Medicine or Osteopathy, Doctor of Oral Surgery, Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, Doctor of Optometry, and Chiropractors.

ACMSS works closely with healthcare providers to innovate and offer solutions to some of the nation’s most challenging problems – most notably workflows, efficiency and safety to enable high level clinical care.  ACMSS encourages all to become a valued Member today: Corporate levels (Platinum+ to Bronze), Practice, Individual, Vendor Sponsorship, Contributors, and Non-Profit Partners across healthcare and wellness welcome.

ACMSS fully embraces a healthy nation striving together, building our wellness models throughout the United States today.  Wellness systems are already prevalent through Integrative Health/Integrative Medicine modalities, alongside evolving care models creating disease reversal and disease prevention.  Together, we meet our nation’s diverse population health needs, caring for our people and country, enabling effective research and outcomes today into tomorrow.

Accredited universities and colleges may begin the application process as early as January to enable their Medical Scribe Specialist program toward training Certified Scribes.


The American College of Medical Scribe Specialists is the nation’s only nonprofit professional society representing more than 15,000 Medical Scribes in over 1,500 medical institutions. ACMSS partners with academic institutions and medical scribe corporations to offer both education-to-certification and employment-to-certification pathways. ACMSS advances the needs of the medical scribe industry through certification, public advocacy, and continuing education. ACMSS is also available for speaking engagements. To learn more about ACMSS, please visit:

Kicking off “win-win solutions” together for Clinician-to-Patient Benefits – Invest today!

With much pressure points sitting on the healthcare system, medical scribes are integral piece to the greater allied healthcare delivery system.  Real time documentation at the point of care ~ a necessity  US Healthcare Delivery Models in need of clinical efficiencies – a key attribute to quality problem-resolution solutions, patient care, increased patient safety, workforce stimulus investment/development, and career longevity. Team up with ACMSS, let’s unlock the potential together!  Become a Certified Academic Partner with us, Certified Medical Scribe Specialist, or Corporate Sponsor:, 832.224.6911, or

Medical Scribe Solutions: The Next Piece in the Healthcare Puzzle

A scribe is a medical documentation expert who works under the direct supervision of the licensed medical provider. The scribe shadows the physician into the patient room and enters patient medical data into the medical record, whether it be paper or electronic. The scribe’s medical data capture is done in real-time at the point-of-service. The medical provider is most accurate, productive and efficient when assisted documentation occurs with a scribe, as noted through Corporate Sponsor, ScribeAmerica. In contrast, the medical data capture models of medical transcription, or voice recognition software are impossible to perform contemporaneously with the physician’s H&P, and therefore, will inherently never be able to match the accuracy, productivity and efficiency of a scribe. Ask any physician who has waited on a UA, CT, or blood result, and you’ll be told that the waiting game to get data results back can drain productivity. This is another area where scribes shine, for unlike MT and voice recognition software, a scribe behaves more as a clinical information manager who actively locates patient studies, bird dogs medical tests and make calls to other departments like the lab or radiology, prepares MDM by researching PMH, can call patient’s families on your behalf, can prompt the provider for additional information or relay messages between provider, clinical staff , ancillary personnel, patients and their families. Certified medical scribes are a key facet in solving today’s healthcare challenges, and employment dilemmas, utilizing effective model and solutions through real-time partnership with clinical documentation encounters.

ACMSS is a non-profit organization representing and certifying medical scribes for gainful employment with prospective academic partners. ACMSS certifies scribes as Clinical Information Managers (CMSSs), and enables certification pathway to Certifying Academic Partners (CAPs) to academic institutions nationwide.

Contact ACMSS for more information on this growing field in high demand. Email: Phone: 832.224.6911 or 83.ACMSS.911

Scribes, Scribes, Scribes: New Career Board Launched into the Industry – “All Things Scribe!”

ACMSS releases exclusive Job Board into the industry for Medical Scribes/Clinical Information Managers and Clinicians/Hospitals/Facilities alike to find the best candidate of choice they are seeking.  Browse through ACMSS’s Career Center, Register as a User, track listings and apply, or simply list with ACMSS to fill HR needs across the healthcare spectrum.  Become a certified Scribe today – stand apart from the rest!  ACMSS – the only professional association “all things Scribe!”  Contact:  1.832.224.6911;

Interested in Medical Scribe? ACMSS & MDS of Kansas Present Webinar 2/5/13 @ 7 EST – Register today!

Join tomorrow’s live webinar, 2/5 at 4 PST/7 EST, to learn about exciting educational and career opportunities for medical scribes as MDS hosts.  ACMSS Executive Director, Kristin Hagen, will discuss the industry certification pathway for medical scribes and schools alike.  Medical Scribes are in HOT demand!  Register to attend today!  Contact MDS of Kansas at (866) 777-7264.

Webinar Information:
Date:   February 5, 2013
Time:  6:00 pm – 7:00 pm EST
Location:   205 South Hillside
Wichita, Kansas  67211

Program InformationContact:

MDS of Kansas


For the Record Article: “Medical Scribes Make Their Presence Felt” (Vol. 24 No. 21 P. 14)

Considering a career in healthcare? Looking to combine education with transformed clinical solutions?

Medical Scribes are the entry point of clinical documentation and seeing through the professional lens of healthcare workflow efficiencies, cost-saving measures, enabling real-time clinical documentation solutions, and most importantly, working hand-in-hand with physicians for quality patient-centric care. Many medical scribes enter this competitive position to distinguish themselves, building education, towards their clinical career goals – albeit physician, nursing, mid-level providers, therapists, emergency services to name a few.

Medical scribes experience opens up a multitude of opportunities within a competitive career landscape, clinical documentation management, leadership, and operational scribing in a multitude of healthcare settings, rural or urban.  Contact ACMSS for more information on certified medical scribe, including educational opportunities, pre-clinical/clinical training, Certification/Credentialing, history of scribes, benefits of certified scribes, and becoming a Member/Corporate Sponsor Email: Phone:  1.832.224.6911 (1.83.ACMSS.911).

Read the online magazine article here from For the Record:  Medical Scribes Make Their Presence Felt

November 19, 2012
Medical Scribes Make Their Presence Felt , By Mary Anne Gates
For The Record Magazine
Vol. 24 No. 21 P. 14
For The Record Online Article:

Medical Scribing: Convergence of Roles Straight Ahead!

Medical Scribing, coding, real-time documentation? Utilizing medical scribes increases efficiencies and capture’s the patient’s story to make an impact on medical decision making. Multi-faceted certified scribes enable standards to elevate continuum of care in the US healthcare system. Having the right people at the right time with the right documentation enables advanced healthcare practice, system and solutions.

Read “Documenting the Patient’s Story: Consider a Scribe” here!

ACMSS creates DYNAMIC solutions for ALL specialties, corporations, and educational entities from the local to national level! Contact ACMSS for program details and certification: 1.832.224.6911 –

“Advancing Clinical Information Management Together!”

Scribes Improve Communication and Efficiencies for Physicians

The value of a Medial Scribe in both documentation encounters and the Medical Scribe’s insight into the inner workings of hospitals workflow design is an invaluable resource in our nation’s healthcare system. At James Madison University, Medical Scribes are “Improving Communication and Efficiencies,” to their hospital Emergency Department.

ACMSS is excited for Medical Scribes, Pre-Meds, Emergency Departments, Hospitals, and Facilities to earn “distinction” within their healthcare system, adding value, and protecting the efficacy and integrity of documenting patient encounters into EMR systems. Scribe MSCAT Certify or ED-level Certify today!

Medical Scribes: Looking to Stand Apart from Peers for Medical School Entrance?

Sign up for the MSCAT (Clinical Information Manager Certification and Apptitude Test) and receive your Certified Scribe status as a CMSS on preclinical and clinical training!  Open the doors for medical school application process, certify your knowledge base amongst peers, and be a part of the allied healthcare team that collaborates in unity to ensure patient safety and hospital compliance in the growing demands of patient care.


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