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MU Webinar! Join us Friday, April 22! 11 PST/2 EST

Open Town Hall Q&A ACMSS will speak on Evolving Systems Design, Preventive Medicine, Meaningfully Using Clinical Documentation, Spurring Innovation to MIPS/MACRA, Collaboration to Research & Outcomes, and, most notably, the Career Choice for Certified Medical Scribes. Register Today!

Let us help you answer key questions towards innovating our 21st-Century Healthcare System. Let’s meet Meaningful Use together!

Please register for ACMSS Meaningful Use – Townhall Webinar on Apr 22, 2016 11:00 AM PDT at:

Next webinar: April 27, 11 PST.

We look forward to “meeting” you and speaking with you soon!

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Partner and Certify Today; Together, we are building America’s future!

Certified Medical Scribes are a requirement of Meaningful Use and a necessary and valuable commodity in creating our evolving health and wellness care models. Together we are united; together we are one!

Certification Options:
– Certified Medical Scribe Specialist (CMSS) certification meet MU objectives
– Certified Medical Scribe Apprentice (CMSA) certification
– Certification Bundles, choose 1+ bundles to Unlimited (Copper to Platinum+)
– HIPAA for Scribes video/certification assessment, 1 hour Continuing Education
– MSCAT Training/Resource Guide (MSCAT study, Prep for Continuing Education)

What are the benefits of Certification?
– Requirement of CMS Meaningful Use
– Workflow management and efficiencies
– Patient Safety
– Electronic Health Records goals enabled
– Enable evolving care models in wellness
– Highly valuable member of the allied healthcare team
– Professional career recognition, growth
– Expanding evolving employment and career opportunities
– Competitive advantage toward medical school application process
– Protecting and blanketing America’s healthcare system

All in healthcare welcome; Partner with ACMSS via Membership Types:
– Corporate Membership
– Practice Partners
– Non-Profit Partnerships (available for 501(c)3 or 501 (c)6 – all welcome
– Vendor Sponsorships (EMR, HIE, HIT vendors)
– Contributors

ACMSS is your trusted resource and partner with Physicians to meet Meaningful Use, growing beside you, in today’s evolving healthcare system for doctors, patients and clients alike!  Physicians must meet meaningful use and ACMSS is here to serve respective providers, getting the doctor back to the bedside for improved care and the art of medicine!

Certify today!

“Revolutionizing Clinical Care one Certified Scribe at a Time!”
Together, we are building “meaningful” clinical documentation!

Learn more:
(657) 888-2158

ACMSS Certify! Meeting EHRs Personnel Measure for Meaningful Use


Certified Medical Scribe Specialists (CMSS) meet the needs for healthcare practices across the spectrum.  Eligible Providers may use Certified Medical Scribe Specialists (CMSS) to meet Meaningful Use (MU) and evolving EHR needs, CMS recognized. Nationally certify via the Medical Scribe Certification & Aptitude Test (MSCAT), Volume MSCAT today!

Learn more:

American College of Medical Scribe Specialists (ACMSS)
Inquiries:; (657) 888-2158.


EHR Incentive Programs ? A program of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services


Visit the CMS Website to Review New FAQs on Participation in EHR Incentive Programs

On October 6, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) released thefinal rule with comment for the Medicare and Medicaid Electronic Health Record (EHR) Incentive Programs. To keep you informed of changes to the programs and how to participate in 2015, CMS has also released three new FAQs providing clarification on how to attest to certain measures for health information exchange, patient electronic access, and other objectives that require patient action.

FAQ 12817
Question: For the Health Information Exchange objective for meaningful use in 2015 through 2017, may an eligible professional (EP), eligible hospital or critical access hospital (CAH) count a transition of care or referral in its numerator for the measure if they electronically create and send a summary of care document using their CEHRT to a third party organization that plays a role in determining the next provider of care and ultimately delivers the summary of care document?

Answer: Yes. An EP, eligible hospital or CAH may count transmissions in this measure’s numerator when a third party organization is involved so long as:


  • The summary of care document is created using certified EHR technology (CEHRT);


  • The summary of care document is transmitted electronically by the EP, eligible hospital or CAH to the third party organization…Read the full FAQ

FAQ 12821
Question: If multiple eligible professionals or eligible hospitals contribute information to a shared portal or to a patient’s online personal health record (PHR), how is it counted for meaningful use when the patient accesses the information on the portal or PHR?

This answer is relevant to the following meaningful use objectives: Patient Specific Education and Patient Electronic Access measure 2.

Answer: If an eligible professional sees a patient during the EHR reporting period, the eligible professional may count the patient in the numerator for this measure if the patient (or an authorized representative) views online, downloads, or transmits to a third party any of the health information from the shared portal or online PHR. The same would apply for an eligible hospital or CAH if a patient is discharged during the EHR reporting period. If patient-specific education resources are provided electronically, it may be counted in the numerator for any provider within the group sharing the CEHRT who has contributed information to the patient’s record if that provider has the patient in their denominator for the EHR reporting period. The respective eligible professional, eligible hospital, or CAH must have contributed at least some of the information identified in the Medicare and Medicaid Programs; Electronic Health Record Incentive Program – Stage 3 and Modifications to Meaningful Use in 2015 Through 2017 final rule (80 FR 62807 through 62809) to the shared portal or online PHR for the patient. However, the respective provider need not have contributed the particular information that was viewed, downloaded, or transmitted by the patient. … Read the full FAQ.

FAQ 12825
Question: In calculating the meaningful use objectives requiring patient action, if a patient sends a message or accesses his/her health information made available by their eligible professional (EP), can the other EPs in the practice get credit for the patient’s action in meeting the objectives?

Answer: Yes. This transitive effect applies to the Secure Electronic Messaging objective, the 2nd measure of the Patient Electronic Access (View, Download and Transmit) objective, and the Patient Specific Education objective.

If a patient sends a secure message about a clinical or health related subject to the group practice of their EP, that patient can be counted in the numerator of the Secure Electronic Messaging measure for any of the EPs at the group practice who use the same certified electronic health records technology (CEHRT) that saw and patient during their EHR reporting period.

Similarly, if a patient views, downloads or transmits to a third party the health information that was made available online by their EP, that patient can be counted in the numerator of the 2nd Patient Electronic Access measure for any of the EPs in that group practice who use the same CEHRT and saw that patient during their EHR reporting period.

If patient-specific education resources are provided electronically, it may be counted in the numerator for any provider within the group sharing the CEHRT who has contributed information to the patient’s record if that provider has the patient in their denominator for the EHR reporting period. …Read the full FAQ.

For more information on accurately calculating the numerator for measures, please visit FAQ 8231.

To read the full FAQs visit the FAQ page of the CMS Website.



Recognizing Medical Scribes are Today’s Answers!

Today’s healthcare challenges and needs to fulfill the investment of electronic medical records require documentation that goes beyond status quo. Medical Scribes are the solution toward improved physician retainment, patient satisfaction, clinical outcomes, and tomorrow’s garnered research.

Read more about one physician’s perspective by Dr. Feingold, “Medical Scribes Free Up Physicians

Scribes, Scribes, Scribes: New Career Board Launched into the Industry – “All Things Scribe!”

ACMSS releases exclusive Job Board into the industry for Medical Scribes/Clinical Information Managers and Clinicians/Hospitals/Facilities alike to find the best candidate of choice they are seeking.  Browse through ACMSS’s Career Center, Register as a User, track listings and apply, or simply list with ACMSS to fill HR needs across the healthcare spectrum.  Become a certified Scribe today – stand apart from the rest!  ACMSS – the only professional association “all things Scribe!”  Contact:  1.832.224.6911;

Interested in Medical Scribe? ACMSS & MDS of Kansas Present Webinar 2/5/13 @ 7 EST – Register today!

Join tomorrow’s live webinar, 2/5 at 4 PST/7 EST, to learn about exciting educational and career opportunities for medical scribes as MDS hosts.  ACMSS Executive Director, Kristin Hagen, will discuss the industry certification pathway for medical scribes and schools alike.  Medical Scribes are in HOT demand!  Register to attend today!  Contact MDS of Kansas at (866) 777-7264.

Webinar Information:
Date:   February 5, 2013
Time:  6:00 pm – 7:00 pm EST
Location:   205 South Hillside
Wichita, Kansas  67211

Program InformationContact:

MDS of Kansas


ACEP weighs in on distinct advantages of Medical Scribes (ACEP Publication: 3/2012)

American College of Emergency Physicians, a non-profit association representing nearly 31,000 emergency department physicians, released their take on the valuable benefits to be gained through implementation of medical scribes.  Read the full published article here.

American College of Clinical Information Managers (ACMSS) maintains and sets minimal industry standards for certifying, credentialing, and deploying medical scribe educational programs, online or university-driven academia.   For more information, please contact ACMSS at 832.224.6911 or 83.ACMSS.911.



For the Record Article: “Medical Scribes Make Their Presence Felt” (Vol. 24 No. 21 P. 14)

Considering a career in healthcare? Looking to combine education with transformed clinical solutions?

Medical Scribes are the entry point of clinical documentation and seeing through the professional lens of healthcare workflow efficiencies, cost-saving measures, enabling real-time clinical documentation solutions, and most importantly, working hand-in-hand with physicians for quality patient-centric care. Many medical scribes enter this competitive position to distinguish themselves, building education, towards their clinical career goals – albeit physician, nursing, mid-level providers, therapists, emergency services to name a few.

Medical scribes experience opens up a multitude of opportunities within a competitive career landscape, clinical documentation management, leadership, and operational scribing in a multitude of healthcare settings, rural or urban.  Contact ACMSS for more information on certified medical scribe, including educational opportunities, pre-clinical/clinical training, Certification/Credentialing, history of scribes, benefits of certified scribes, and becoming a Member/Corporate Sponsor Email: Phone:  1.832.224.6911 (1.83.ACMSS.911).

Read the online magazine article here from For the Record:  Medical Scribes Make Their Presence Felt

November 19, 2012
Medical Scribes Make Their Presence Felt , By Mary Anne Gates
For The Record Magazine
Vol. 24 No. 21 P. 14
For The Record Online Article:

Medical Scribe Study Finds Scribe Use May Extend Physician Careers 85%

Newly released study discusses physician perception of scribe impact on metrics and physician quality of life.
“I can now just focus on being a physician”

Read full study here.

Scribe utilization has positive impact on workflow productivity, wellness, and job satisfaction for physicians, as well as their opinions of scribes’ technical skills and professionalism.

According to study, “some (85%) said that working with a scribe may extend their career. With respect to productivity (agree or strongly agree), 64.2% felt that they had higher relative value units and 79.4% were able to treat more patients per hour with scribe utilization. The majority of respondents (74.8%) felt that scribes were very or extremely beneficial when transitioning to use of an EMR. Respondents who were previously using an EMR without scribes indicated that there was a large positive impact of scribe utilization on EMR experience with respect to relieving the stress of documentation (87.4%), being able to “focus on being a physician” (78.8%), quality of life (77.9%) and patient care (77.3%).”


ACMSS Attending American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) Scientific Assembly (10/8-10/10)

American College of Clinical Information Managers (ACMSS) will be onsite at this year’s ACEP conference held in Denver, CO, October 8-12. ACMSS advocates on behalf of the medical scribe industry, setting minimal performance standards of practice and certifying medical scribes and scribe programs.

Executive Director, Kristin Hagen, will be attending ACEP and networking with colleagues regarding the importance of performance standards and certification of medical scribes as they aid clinicians with workflow efficiencies and clinical documentation. Medical scribes assist clinicians in real time, at the point-of-care with supervised data collection and entry into the EMR. For more information, or to arrange a meeting onsite, please direct inquiries to:  or contact ACMSS at 1.832.224.6911.

ACMSS looks forward to an eventful educational event and networking with industry colleagues!

About ACEP

ACEP’s 2012 Scientific Assembly will have an exciting array of educational programming and social events, and new venue, this year’s Assembly has been one of the most anticipated emergency medicine conferences.

Special features this year include

•Over 300 world-class educational sessions
•A return of the popular pre-conference Cadaver Lab
•Summaries and commentary of the articles chosen by ABEM for its current LLSA tests
•More hands-on skills labs added to the program
•New 30 Minute lectures •ACEP’s Research Forum – tomorrow’s news today – included in 4-day registration fee

Add to that, the largest exhibit program in the specialty to view the latest equipment and products, and one of the best opportunities to network with your colleagues from across the nation.

Medical Scribing: Convergence of Roles Straight Ahead!

Medical Scribing, coding, real-time documentation? Utilizing medical scribes increases efficiencies and capture’s the patient’s story to make an impact on medical decision making. Multi-faceted certified scribes enable standards to elevate continuum of care in the US healthcare system. Having the right people at the right time with the right documentation enables advanced healthcare practice, system and solutions.

Read “Documenting the Patient’s Story: Consider a Scribe” here!

ACMSS creates DYNAMIC solutions for ALL specialties, corporations, and educational entities from the local to national level! Contact ACMSS for program details and certification: 1.832.224.6911 –

“Advancing Clinical Information Management Together!”

Just Announced: The 5 National Accrediting Bodies to Certify EHR’s are Underway. Scribe Certify today!

The 5 national accrediting bodies to “certify” Electronic Health Record systems (hospitals/facilities) to achieve “Meaningful Use” for Health Information Exchange are underway! Healthcare is rocking…stay abreast of “key” industry drivers and standards. Join ACMSS as an Individual or Corporate Member, Scribe Certify or ED Program Certify via MSCAT utilizing credentialed Clinical Information Manager’s (CMSS’s). Together we ensure patient safety, protecting our nation’s healthcare system. Contact ACMSS.

Read more information “here!”

Scribes Improve Communication and Efficiencies for Physicians

The value of a Medial Scribe in both documentation encounters and the Medical Scribe’s insight into the inner workings of hospitals workflow design is an invaluable resource in our nation’s healthcare system. At James Madison University, Medical Scribes are “Improving Communication and Efficiencies,” to their hospital Emergency Department.

ACMSS is excited for Medical Scribes, Pre-Meds, Emergency Departments, Hospitals, and Facilities to earn “distinction” within their healthcare system, adding value, and protecting the efficacy and integrity of documenting patient encounters into EMR systems. Scribe MSCAT Certify or ED-level Certify today!

What are the requirements of Medical Scribes?

Enclosed are FAQ’s from The Joint Commission (TJC) regarding proper use and standardization of Medical Scribe compliance within hospitals.  Is your organization compliant?

Contact ACMSS today for questions regarding Membership, MSCAT certification and credentialing,  certifying Emergency Departments with ED Certification, or beginning a career pathway through Medical Scribe education.  Protect our nation’s greatest asset of patient safety through quality, collaborative standardization with Medical Scribe/Emergency Department Certification today.  Recognize the benefits in time, cost savings, and efficiencies in an era where electronic record integration and health information exchange are accelerating day by day.  Contact, or become a Member of ACMSS today, for Best Practice management of your organization and facility, staying connected together!

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