Today is the Deadline for Medicare Eligible Professionals to Attest for 2014 Participation

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Today is the Deadline for Medicare Eligible Professionals to Attest for 2014 ParticipationEligible professionals have until 11:59 pm ET today, March 20, 2015, to attest to meaningful use for the Medicare Electronic Health Record (EHR) Incentive Program 2014 reporting year.

Medicare eligible professionals must attest to meaningful use every year to receive an incentive and avoid a payment adjustment. Providers who successfully attest for the 2014 program year will:

Note: The Medicare extension does not affect deadlines for the Medicaid EHR Incentive Program. Additionally, the EHR reporting option for PQRS has been extended until today at 8:00pm ET

How to Attest
Submit your data to the Registration and Attestation System, which includes 2014 Certified EHR Technology (CEHRT) Flexibility Rule options.

Tips to ensure successful attestation:

  • Before you register– make sure you have an active and approved enrollment record in the Provider Enrollment, Chain and Ownership System (PECOS)
  • When registering– be sure to have your NPI, Identity and Access Management (I&A) ID and Password, Payee TIN, and Payee NPI information available, along with your EHR Certification Number
  • Before you attest– make sure you have a successful and active registration status in the Registration and Attestation System
    • Registration status will read “Active” when all validations pass
  • After you attest– click on the status tab to see your progress, and then click the appropriate tab to see your registration, attestation, and payment status

CMS recommends you review all of your attestation information before submitting. To learn more, see the Educational Resources on the CMS EHR Incentive Programs website.

For help, call the EHR Information Center: 1-888-734-6433
TTY for people with hearing impairments: 1-888-734-6563
MondayFriday, 8:30 am – 7:30 pm (ET)

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ACMSS Presents: “What’s in a Name? The Future of Medical Scribes” Webinar (11/15/12 @ 3 EST)

AHDI’s 2012 Managers/Supervisors webinar series hosts Kristin Hagen, Executive Director of American College of Clinical Information Managers (ACMSS), to present an insightful look at the accelerating career path of medical scribes – many of our nation’s future clinicians and allied healthcare workers.

The informative webinar will describe the dynamics of a medical scribe, educational requirements, certification process, the future of healthcare documentation professionals, and the industry as a whole. Make plans today to attend and register below.

Presenter: Kristin Hagen, CPEHR, CPHIE, CPHIT
Time: 12:00 PM Pacific / 1:00 PM Mountain / 2:00 PM Central / 3:00 PM Eastern
Duration: 1 Hour
Registration Close: November 14, 2012
CEC Given: 1 PD


ACMSS Attending American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) Scientific Assembly (10/8-10/10)

American College of Clinical Information Managers (ACMSS) will be onsite at this year’s ACEP conference held in Denver, CO, October 8-12. ACMSS advocates on behalf of the medical scribe industry, setting minimal performance standards of practice and certifying medical scribes and scribe programs.

Executive Director, Kristin Hagen, will be attending ACEP and networking with colleagues regarding the importance of performance standards and certification of medical scribes as they aid clinicians with workflow efficiencies and clinical documentation. Medical scribes assist clinicians in real time, at the point-of-care with supervised data collection and entry into the EMR. For more information, or to arrange a meeting onsite, please direct inquiries to:  or contact ACMSS at 1.832.224.6911.

ACMSS looks forward to an eventful educational event and networking with industry colleagues!

About ACEP

ACEP’s 2012 Scientific Assembly will have an exciting array of educational programming and social events, and new venue, this year’s Assembly has been one of the most anticipated emergency medicine conferences.

Special features this year include

•Over 300 world-class educational sessions
•A return of the popular pre-conference Cadaver Lab
•Summaries and commentary of the articles chosen by ABEM for its current LLSA tests
•More hands-on skills labs added to the program
•New 30 Minute lectures •ACEP’s Research Forum – tomorrow’s news today – included in 4-day registration fee

Add to that, the largest exhibit program in the specialty to view the latest equipment and products, and one of the best opportunities to network with your colleagues from across the nation.

Join ACMSS via Interactive Blog, Commentary, and Network Sharing!

Healthcare is moving at a rampant rate and it is more important than ever to stay connected to American College of Clinical Information Manager’s communication.  Blog with us, share insightful posts, and connect with us on social media sites.  ACMSS works at all levels in healthcare to interface with creating efficiencies in the healthcare system. 

As pre-health, pre-medical students, those interested in gaining clinical experience in healthcare, become a medical scribe and JOIN in Membership at ACMSS, medical scribe’s premier association, voice, and network with others like you.

As a current medical scribe, become Scribe certified today by registering for the MSCAT (Clinical Information Manager Certification and Aptitude Test).  Distinguish yourself from your peers, and those seeking entrance to medical schools, as a certified Clinical Information Manager credentialed.

As a scribe organization, become connected and unified together as a voice, crafting medical scribe’s future trajectory and pathway.  Healthcare is changing daily and together we are strong and reaching all levels of our profession – from education to hospital workflow to medical school ready graduates.

As an industry partner, ACMSS works with EMR vendors, educational institutions, medical scribe organizations, medical scribes, and local-state-national levels advocating and creating best practices through standards implementation.  It is up to all of us to be the best we can be and network together to truly make a difference for what matters most – “our nation’s healthcare system and the patient’s we serve.”

ACMSS looks forward to providing insightful posts of industry information, communicating with you, and being your resource for all things “Scribe!”  ACMSS is a hallmark centerpiece to healthcare reform and efficiencies. Working with standard-setting bodies of TJC, CMS, Regional Extension Centers, Hospitals, Facilities, Universities, EMR groups, and advocacy governance, you will find ACMSS connected at all levels to help shape and mold healthcare connected to meaningful use health information exchange.

JOIN THE DISCUSSION Today!  What is it you would like to discuss, write us!  Comment, share, and become informed of an ever-changing healthcare arena around you.  ACMSS looks forward to diverse partnerships and making a difference with YOU!

Contact Information, Resources, and Joint Ventures 1.832.224.6911
Topic Requests and E-mail Inquiries
Event Participation, Speaking Engagements:

Medical Scribing: Convergence of Roles Straight Ahead!

Medical Scribing, coding, real-time documentation? Utilizing medical scribes increases efficiencies and capture’s the patient’s story to make an impact on medical decision making. Multi-faceted certified scribes enable standards to elevate continuum of care in the US healthcare system. Having the right people at the right time with the right documentation enables advanced healthcare practice, system and solutions.

Read “Documenting the Patient’s Story: Consider a Scribe” here!

ACMSS creates DYNAMIC solutions for ALL specialties, corporations, and educational entities from the local to national level! Contact ACMSS for program details and certification: 1.832.224.6911 –

“Advancing Clinical Information Management Together!”

Scribes Improve Communication and Efficiencies for Physicians

The value of a Medial Scribe in both documentation encounters and the Medical Scribe’s insight into the inner workings of hospitals workflow design is an invaluable resource in our nation’s healthcare system. At James Madison University, Medical Scribes are “Improving Communication and Efficiencies,” to their hospital Emergency Department.

ACMSS is excited for Medical Scribes, Pre-Meds, Emergency Departments, Hospitals, and Facilities to earn “distinction” within their healthcare system, adding value, and protecting the efficacy and integrity of documenting patient encounters into EMR systems. Scribe MSCAT Certify or ED-level Certify today!

What are the requirements of Medical Scribes?

Enclosed are FAQ’s from The Joint Commission (TJC) regarding proper use and standardization of Medical Scribe compliance within hospitals.  Is your organization compliant?

Contact ACMSS today for questions regarding Membership, MSCAT certification and credentialing,  certifying Emergency Departments with ED Certification, or beginning a career pathway through Medical Scribe education.  Protect our nation’s greatest asset of patient safety through quality, collaborative standardization with Medical Scribe/Emergency Department Certification today.  Recognize the benefits in time, cost savings, and efficiencies in an era where electronic record integration and health information exchange are accelerating day by day.  Contact, or become a Member of ACMSS today, for Best Practice management of your organization and facility, staying connected together!

What are advantages of Medical Scribes?

-Effective model for physicians, patients, department staff, and the entire hospital or clinical facility
-Medical scribes perform ancillary tasks and documentation management, aiding the ever increasing patient-volume in “real time”
-Present EMR model is “care-then-document.”  This requires additional time in clinical documentation by the physician – a fundamental inefficiency
-Real-time documentation elevates our healthcare system for continuum of care at all levels, including documentation access through health information exchange accessibility

Contact ACMSS today for Membership, interest in Certifying and Credentialing Medical Scribes, obtaining Hospital-Facility Certification, EMR collaboration, or are interested in ACMSS’s career path to Certified Medical Scribes (CMS) via MSCAT assessment ~ protecting our nation’s healthcare system and patient’s today!

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