The American College of Medical Scribe Specialists (ACMSS) is the premier nonprofit professional society representing more than 19,000 Medical Scribe Specialists in over 1,900 medical institutions. ACMSS advances the needs of the medical scribe industry and healthcare providers through certification, public advocacy, secure innovative systems design, individualized and customized consulting, tailored webinars, and continuing scribe education for improved care coordination and patient-centric care toward wellness.

doctorsHandACMSS partners with physicians, medical practices, academic institutions, non-profit organizations, and medical scribe training companies to offer a range of certification pathways. ACMSS advocates true meaningful use in Certified Electronic Health Record Technology (CEHRT), and what it means for the future of an evolving, innovative healthcare system that is focused on prevention, wellness and disease reversal, together building our patient-centric healthcare system utilizing proprietary and customized Integrative Medicine through evidence-based standard of practice and models of care.

Our organization supports the value-based aims of the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA), and believes America has two systems designs building on each other—our evolving public healthcare system and integrative medicine—and that both are complementary, and valid. This evolving American healthcare system is creating an environment that allows us to become partners with our practitioners in our care. Physician/Certified Medical Scribe Specialist (CMSS) teams are working with patients—learning, researching through the EHR, collaborating, engaging, and making new care plans and recommendations based on what the whole team learns.

physician/CMSS TeamsPhysician/CMSS teams are the solution across the healthcare enterprise. Certified scribes assist practices and clinicians in real time, onsite, at the point of care, facilitating innovative workflow and efficiencies, and providing necessary tools and resources for beginning new revolutions in redefining healthcare together and creating patient-centric care focused on than making people well and keeping them that way rather than reacting to disease, injury and illness.

ACMSS provides all of the information and educational resources needed for not only certification and national regulatory requirements, but for directional wellness, improving outcomes and communication. These goals can be met today by using the tools provided by ACMSS and the full scope of the CMSS credential under the physician’s license.

The ACMSS certification program meets current and proposed Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) certification requirements toward meaningful use of electronic health records. Certified Medical Scribe Specialists (CMSS) also meet the “qualified people” CMS Personnel Measure in CEHRT).

ACMSS Lapel PinThe American College of Medical Scribe Specialists offers individualized and customized consulting for practices, and scribe corporations, across the specialties, offering five separate pathways for certification. All personnel certifying with ACMSS need to purchase a minimum Standardized Volume Scribe Certification Package, preparing both the individual and the practice for real-time resource and assistance, ongoing and into the future, enabling ongoing communication. Minimum Standardized Certification Bundles include: Annual Membership, MSCAT Training/Resource Manual, HIPAA for Scribes Training/Operational video/certificate, and Medical Scribe Certification & Aptitude Test (MSCAT) Certification. Upon successfully passing of MSCAT psychometric examination, of 80% or greater, each certified scribe is given a certificate and eligible credential, in which Practice Administrators/Clinicians retain for Meaningful Use attestations to customize and innovate workflow for patient-centric care. Additionally, Practice Administrators and Physicians have access to ACMSS Secure Systems Design.

Explore the website, ask a question via the Contact Us page, or purchase a package for yourself or your practice. ACMSS is here for you and to support the growing community of Certified Medical Scribe Specialists nationwide.