American College of Medical Scribe Specialists is an organization committed to the pursuit and national achievement of excellence for medical scribe programs through the setting and attainment of appropriate certification pathways and standards for Certified Medical Scribe Specialists.

A program that employs ACMSS certified individuals provides for several quality improving dynamics:

  • Each Certified Medical Scribe Specialist (CMSS) is required to undergo a unified, minimum standard of training and evaluation, allowing only the most qualified individuals to earn the designation.
  • Standardized training allows for not only proficiency, but also consistency in scribe services.
  • ACMSS certification focuses on finding individuals with a passion to learn various aspects of the medical profession, whether they are pre-med, pre-health, pre-nurse practitioner, pre-physician assistant, pre-nursing students, or emergency medical services students. Such passion for learning fosters dedication, commitment, and hard work.
  • Each ACMSS certified individual learns specific compliance components, including CMS documentation guidelines and HIPAA regulations. Making each ACMSS certified individual aware of such regulations reduces the chances of incidents in noncompliance.
  • ACMSS certification also requires each individual to fulfill all necessary pre-employment criteria, including: proper immunizations and testing, background screening, and a drug and alcohol screening.
  • After initial certification, ACMSS certified individuals must also fulfill continuing learning requirements where they will be apprised of industry changes and provided with training to build upon their skill set.
  • Opportunity to serve on Volunteer committees.  Interested personnel need to complete Volunteer Affidavit.

Intensive, initial, standardized training, coupled with continual learning and evaluation is the key to developing a successful scribe program. Without ACMSS certification, a scribe would lack the level of knowledge and skill possessed by those who make up the most successful programs across the country.